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“Everyone should be connected, all the time – for security, for fun, for life…”

Chris Frye

President, SCP

Over the last two decades, Team Members have worked on enough solar projects to power over one million homes. For three years, our talented team of solar professionals has developed the most rugged, most versatile portable solar charger available.


Why did we do this?

We’ve worked tirelessly to develop SunJuice™ solar charger in order to continue our nearly two decades of improving the quality of life and the environment through renewable energy. We hope to enhance people’s quality of life by helping them staying connected.


Why do we say it is the very best?

After carefully analyzing all available mobile solar chargers and interviewing potential customers, we identified unmet needs based on common weaknesses in mobile solar chargers and why many of them simply don’t work. Based on our many years of experience in the solar industry, we designed a new generation of ultra-thin chargers that feature the highest-performing solar module by weight, generating over 2 Watts per ounce.

What is the difference?

You can be assured that as solar professionals, we would only put our name on the very best, and we are proud of the SunJuice™ line. Our chargers are thin and lightweight, yet incredibly powerful. We have already filed patents that will allow us to continue to integrate this technology into a variety of everyday consumer products.

The Impact

Throughout our careers, we have worked hard to increase the quality of life through renewable energy. While we have always taken our business very seriously, we are also pleased that our work contributes in a positive way to improving the quality of life, both locally and on a global scale.

We have been trusted by hundreds of businesses around the world to increase their bottom line through renewable energy and energy conservation. Our installations can be seen around the world on Google Earth at CBS Television, Trader Joe's, large factories, small businesses and homes.

We have helped thousands of homeowners keep more of their money by decreasing what they have to spend each month on electricity.

Using solar power is one of the few things we can do locally with an immediate and measurable impact. Although small individually, if it became common practice to keep all of our devices charged using solar energy, we could significantly reduce reliance on petroleum sources of energy.

Be a part of this global effort, and stay connected using clean energy from the sun.

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The Long Story

After years in environmental remediation cleaning up toxic waste sites Chris Frye established his first solar company, Alternative Energy Inc. (AEI) in 2001, in Windsor, CA. Since then,  AEI has designed and installed thousands of solar systems for both commercial and residential clients in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and even the Middle East.

The focus has always been on the life-improving aspects of solar. A homeowner installing solar can enjoy lower energy bills, leaving more income for the fun things in life. Business owners, with lower energy bills can reallocate those savings to other, profit-generating activities, or simply retain those savings.

With the advances in technology, Chris began thinking about how he can make solar even more accessible to an even wider group of people. That is why he designed the SunJuice™ line of solar chargers. By focusing solely on end-user requirements, he developed solar chargers that are truly innovative and unlike any other product on the market. Not only are they nearly indestructible, but they are also incredibly lightweight, making them perfect for traveling, camping, and working on the go. Wherever your journey takes you, SunJuice™ will go with you.

Moving toward the future the SunJuice will be infused into dozens of everyday consumer products making it easier to stay connected.

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