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Solar Consumer Products has created what may be the world’s best small portable solar generator; The SunJuice™. The power output per ounce is the highest among the over seventy products we evaluated at 2 Watts per ounce. The thin design allows it to be rolled up or laid flat in luggage for example giving travelers a new-found security. There are literally hundreds of products this next-gen design can be incorporated into and as a Dealer you will have exclusive access to the exciting line of products that will continually be expanded over the next several years.

Whether you are selling similar products, exhibiting at Home & Garden Shows, Prepper Conventions or other similar venues, as a dealer you have a product that everyone with a cell phone needs, so your potential buyers are everyone that walks by. If you are selling online, the SunJuice™ is ideal. We can drop ship for you, you can order them as they are sold, or you can place a stocking order, saving even more on the unit price.

We have been working in the solar business now for nearly two decades and we are not simply reselling cheap, foreign-produced products. We have engineered these to be the most rugged, dependable and powerful small chargers available.

As a Dealer you have our unconditional technical support. If you have custom projects or applications we can assess them. Do you have an idea on a product that can have the solar charger built into it? Let’s evaluate and collaborate. Our best ideas have always come from our clients and dealers.

Please fill out the information below and Chris Frye will personally call you to discuss your ideas and needs.

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