SunJuice UltraLight USB Solar Chargers

Stay connected

with the power of the Sun

SunJuice UltraLight USB Solar Chargers

Hurricanes in North Carolina have left millions of people without power for 5 days or more.

Cell towers are equipped to restore service quickly,


But if you can’t charge your devices, you still won’t reach your loved ones.

There are stories online of people fighting to charge their phones after a major hurricane.

Please let us help, so that this doesn’t happen to you.

We want to help you stay connected.. for security, for life.

For a limited time, get a FREE guide on emergency preparedness tips.

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  • Easily charge your smartphones and other USB devices to stay in touch.​

  • Never have to leave home in search of a charge during dangerous conditions.

  • With devices charged, keep your family in good spirits until power is restored.