• Stay Connected – At just 3.9 ounces, SunJuice is the lightest and most efficient solar usb charger on the market! Beach goers, outdoor enthusiasts, and emergency preppers will love this portable, 7.5 Watt solar usb charger.


• Power your devices – This 5 volt USB charger can juice up all compatible* USB chargeable devices: tablets, smartphones, eReaders, cameras, and more!


• Compact and Easy – At .75mm thick and completely ROLLABLE, it easily fits in your backpack, beach bag, or large purse. Flat Size is: 14 x 10 inches.


• Extremely Durable – The lightweight material in the SunJuice is water resistant and virtually indestructible so it will stand up to the toughest conditions.


• Shade Recovery Technology – The electricity flows quickly again once SunJuice™ is removed from the shade and placed in the sun.

SunJuice™ Portable USB Solar Charger

  • Our SunJuice™ Solar Charger is remarkably lightweight. It has the highest power output per ounce of any solar charger on the market.


    We are 100% confident you will love this lightweight and powerful product. But if for any reason you aren’t satisfied, we provide a 30-day, no questions asked guaranteed return policy.


    Our 1-year warranty also protects your SunJuice™ Solar Charger from any defects in materials or workmanship.